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Wee 3.2.0 Released

This release has been months in the making with some important bug fixes and feature enhancements including npm 3 support.

Wee 3.1.0 Released

Wee 3 has been a great success but we've been anxious to make it even better with the latest minor release of fixes and enhancements.

Wee 3 Released

With dozens of new features and improvements, Wee 3 is a massive update and an exciting evolution. Read more for all the details.

Wee 2.3.0 Released

This is an exciting release because it's the final push before Wee 3. We've fixed a couple bugs and introduced a few new features and enhancements with this final 2.x update.

Wee 2.1.0 Released

2.1 marks a major milestone for Wee and brings some exciting new features. It's been 5 months since 2.0.5 was released but we've been hard at work with over 200 commits and endless hours of polishing.

Wee 2.2.0 Released

It's only been a few weeks since Wee 2.1 was released but we've worked through the bug reports and completed our target enhancements for 2.2 ahead of schedule.

Wee 2.4.0 Released

Apparently we were kidding about 2.3 being the last 2.x release. There were a few loose ends and improvements we just couldn't wait to complete before Wee 3 is released.