Disabling default wee-core components



Wee core style components are loaded into the global.scss file which is imported into the bootstrap.js file which is in turn imported into the app.js file which is the main entry point.

// Import wee-core reset and components
@import '~wee-core/styles/reset';
@import '~wee-core/styles/components/helpers';
@import '~wee-core/styles/components/buttons';
@import '~wee-core/styles/components/code';
@import '~wee-core/styles/components/forms';
@import '~wee-core/styles/components/tables';
@import './print.scss';

// Import generated media query file for screen mapping
@import '../../build/temp/responsive';

#global {
    // Global helpers and state modifiers

To disable a feature, simply remove the import reference.