Get Started

Methodically build complex, responsive web projects

Wee bundles many of the components needed to build modern websites and apps. True to its name, Wee also maintains a small footprint. Get started with these quick steps:

  1. Install the latest stable version of Node.js
  2. Run npm install -g wee-cli to globally install the Wee CLI
  3. Download Wee from GitHub or clone it using using git clone git://
  4. Navigate to your project in the command line and run npm install to install Wee core


Mobile-first CSS framework with configurable reset and mixin library ~ 3KB gzipped

JavaScript toolset to build scalable, organized client logic ~ 14KB gzipped

JSON-configured build process to compile, optimize, and minify your project

Structured foundation of markup, icons, and supporting files


There are a couple tools you'll need to build a project

The first dependency is Node.js. If it’s already installed run node -v to check the version and compare it against the latest stable release. If you don’t get a response or have an outdated version, download and install the latest release. Node also includes npm (Node Package Manager) which is used to install Wee’s dependencies.

Next install the Wee CLI (Command Line Interface) from npm by running npm install -g wee-cli. This allows you to build your project and execute commands.


Next, navigate to your project directory in command line by running cd path/to/your/project or typing cd with a space and dragging your project folder into the command line window. Now run npm install to install the dependencies and check out the build docs to launch your project.


Wee officially supports the following minimum browser versions

Chrome Edge Firefox IE Safari
30 20 29 9 7.1