Wee is a front-end framework built and maintained at Lewis Communications that provides a powerful set of tools for building websites. It provides a thoughtful workflow to a team or individual's front-end development as well as consolidates and decreases the dependencies required to build a variety of web products.


To see Wee in action, we have created a demo project. Follow these simple steps to get up and running:

  • Clone down the repository - git clone
  • Navigate to the new wee-demo directory - cd wee-demo
  • Install dependencies - npm install
  • Navigate to the server directory
  • Install dependencies - npm install
  • Navigate back to the demo
  • Launch site - npm run demo
  • Open http://localhost:3000 in a browser of your choice


If you already have wee-cli installed, you can combine the last two steps by calling wee demo.

We will refer to the this demo site throughout the guide, so it will be helpful to have it set up.

Getting Started

To start a new project with Wee, you can do one of the following:

  • Install Wee CLI - npm i -g wee-cli
  • Start a new project - wee init project-name
  • Follow the series of prompts to set up your project

We highly recommend installing Wee CLI as it will improve your overall development experience, however it is not required to start a project. You can also:


It can be helpful to have a basic knowledge of the internal organization and makeup of Wee in order to fully harness it's potential as well as to troubleshoot potential issues.

Wee Core

Wee is powered by a single npm package called Wee Core. You will find it in the list of dependencies in a project's package.json. Wee Core contains all the wee- prefixed JavaScript modules that are accessible in a standard project. It also contains all the base styling provided by Wee as well as the majority of the Wee CLI commands.

Configuration Files

Wee's build process can be configured by editing a file called wee.config.js. It is located on the top level of a Wee project. These settings are explained in detail in the Build Configuration documentation.

The other main configuration file for a project is the package.json. All project dependencies should be specified in this file.

Project Structure

There are three top level directories that exist in a Wee project. The names of these directories are configurable in the wee.config.js file:


This is where a developer will spend most/all of their time. The code written and the assets added to the source directory is bundled up and optimized by the build process and placed in the public/assets directory.

    commands/  // Custom CLI commands


The public directory is the web root of a project. Anything that you want accessible to the browser should go here. Note that nothing should be manually placed in public/assets as the build process erases and overwrites the contents of this directory based on the contents of the source directory.


The build process tasks and configuration files live inside of the build directory.

Other Files

Other build configuration and be modified by modifying the following files: